CAD Software

We create CAD software from scratch or customize existing CAD platforms to meet specific industry requirements. We develop 2D and 3D CAD software solutions that enable engineers, architects, and designers to create, modify, and analyze digital models of physical objects.

We specialize in developing software for the Civil engineering and Construction industry. We have a lineup of flagship software products that are immensely popular in the industry and among users. Our products Smart Road, Smart Canal, Smart Water Supply, Smart Estimator are widely used making us the market leader for civil CAD solutions in Nepal.

smart road

Smart Road

Smart Road is a road designing software designed by Smart Tech Solution Pvt. Ltd. Smart Road is developed on the basis of international standards including standard norms set by Department of Local
Infrastructure Development and Agricultural Roads (DOLIDAR), Department of Roads (DOR) –Nepal, under consultation of highly experienced Civil engineers from Nepal, India and other countries.


Smart Canal

Smart Canal is a professional canal design software that is comprehensive, full featured and easy to use. Besides providing users with commands and tools to support the entire design process, everything from the initial input of survey data, smart canal provides the analysis tools and features including functionality for dtm, alignments, and profile, x-section and design computations and checked for the feasibility of design.

smart water supply

Smart Water Supply- Launching Soon

We are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated ``Smart Water Supply`` software is on the verge of its grand launch! This cutting-edge solution is set to revolutionize the way we manage and optimize water supply systems


Smart Estimation - Launching Soon

We are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of our revolutionary software, ``Smart Estimation``! This game-changing solution is specifically designed for Civil Engineers, empowering them to streamline and optimize the estimation process like never before. With ``Smart Estimation,`` we aim to redefine the way Civil Engineers handle project estimations, saving time, improving accuracy, and enhancing overall project success.